how to contest a will in NSW

How to Contest a Will in NSW

In NSW, a person can leave their assets to anyone they choose when they die, in other words, the person has “testamentary freedom.” In some circumstances, however, the law can interfere with the deceased’s testamentary freedom and effectively rewrite the terms of the deceased’s will by altering the distribution of the deceased’s estate. This is

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guide to contesting a will in NSW

Guide to Contest a Will in NSW

Guide to Contest a Will in NSW Discover your rights and options in contesting a will in NSW with our expert guide, detailing the legal provisions and processes for potentially altering a deceased’s will through a family provision order. Need help contesting a will? In New South Wales (NSW), a person can leave their assets

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Why Have an up-to-date will

Why Have a Valid & Up-to-date Will?

Taking the time upfront to prepare an effective, legally binding will helps ensure your hard-earned assets are distributed or taken care of in a way that you like. Carefully considered estate planning saves families stress and money following your passing—an already undoubtedly difficult time for them. Rather than remain uncertain that the will you have

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